B​-​Town Single

by Malpais

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Recorded from my Honda Accord in two separate parking lots in Bloomington, IN on my phone made by children.


released February 24, 2015




Malpais San Diego, California

Malpais is an acoustic lo-fi punk project based in San Diego, CA. Radical leftist tunes.

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Track Name: Leaving
This city is closed off from the outside world. The picturesque setting of a beautiful mural of the typical man with his eyebrow unfurled but it never holds anything. Yearning for that space breeds discontent so let's stick out our thumbs. Just tell me when. How could I refuse? What have I got to lose? We'll be hopping this train at noon

Stick to the freedom of the open road. Don't you stray. Don't deviate. Follow your toes. One of these days I know we'll find a better home but until that day, I want that home to be the road.

And for far too long I've been stuck here without my best friend, my lover and I don't know how to tell them "I love you. It's great you're around but let's get the fuck out of this town". And from the outskirts of town to the edge of the sea, how could I ever call this community? I don't want to be just another yuppie. Those bastards won't get me.

And at last we've arrived. This place un-deprived of comrades and sisters and brothers alike, congregated all in your basement, drunk and belligerent and that's how we like it.
Track Name: Complaints
Tattered old man on the street corner begging for some spare change. His clothes are filthy, he's drinking, and lighting up a Camel cigarette. And his beard gets singed off and flutters back into the distance.

And I'm the one who gave him that fucking cigarette and filled with false self-righteousness, I think I've helped him out somehow. He shoots me a yellow grin when I walk back around

I've got a car and a family and friends who love me and I've got a girl who thinks I'm really cute and not insane. You know, the world may be fucked up, but I've got no right to complain. I'm gonna complain anyway.