Post​-​Election Single (Descent)

by Malpais

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released November 16, 2016




Malpais San Diego, California

Malpais is an acoustic lo-fi punk project based in San Diego, CA. Radical leftist tunes.

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Track Name: Old Man Frick
Get your cup of coffee, feed the cats, and get out the door.

Take a tiny line of space and time, fill it up with shit that makes you unfulfilled and bored

'Cause everybody's gotta eat and you ain't got time to be

A perfectly content, well-adjusted human being

Well, there's a lotta cool books you could write but you don't

And there's a lotta cool songs you could sing but you don't

You'll wake up everyday, you'll get up and you'll say

There's a lotta cool things that I wanna do but I won't

March over to the corner, take a smoke, and begin again

And the nicotine sets in, kill of the stress caused by greedy old man Frick

But that's the price you pay for existing in a body

You gotta sell your soul kid, nobody lives for free

Well there's a lotta rad strikes we could make but we don't

And there's a lotta rad stands we could take but we don't

Wake up everyday, work into our graves

And read about the ways we could live but we won't